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Han Feng Inc. and its affiliates (“Han Feng Group” or “ The Group”) is the leader in providing Chinese restaurants located in the southeastern United States, (primarily Chinese takeout restaurants), with the highest quality of foods and supplies at a reasonable price. Since it is founded in 1997, Han Feng Group, with around 7,700 restaurant customers located in fourteen states, has captured the market at a decent annual growth rate. This rapid growth is fueled in part by increasing demands in the Chinese foods market segment, and the result of good old fashioned business know-how and hard work.

There are Chinese takeout restaurants in every corner of the US and their number is in the tens of thousands. Typically these takeout restaurants are operated by individual family with few workers. Presently majority of these restaurants are owned by Chinese American from the province of Fujian. The industry has been able to grow rapidly because it provides good food at a low cost.

Han Feng Group offers an array of specialty Chinese foods and supplies that are not widely available elsewhere. By becoming the one-stop-shopping for all of its customers, Han Feng Group has made it difficult for small competitors from entering this market segment. As a way to focus its efforts, Han Feng Group concentrates on serving primarily the fast growing Chinese restaurants in the southeastern region of the United States. This allows it to maintain market position with its core customers; thus keeping large competitors like Sysco and US Food Services from penetrating into this market segment easily. To support this growing market segment, Han Feng Group develops distribution channels throughout the southeastern United States. The five distribution centers are located in Greensboro, North Carolina, Ocala, Florida, Atlanta Georgia, Nashville, Tennessee, New Orleans, Louisiana and Lexington, Missouri. Han Feng Inc. also acquired HD Food Service in late 2008, a wholesaler operated in Winston Salem, North Carolina.

Hang Feng Group has spent years in developing its proprietary Customer Relationship Management system (“CRM”) and it is able to sustain its growth partly because of this information system. The system is operated by Han Feng Group’s personnel in China, which allows the Group to serve its customers on a 24 hour basis in their native languages, while lowering the administrative cost in the United States. By investing in technologies, Han Feng Group has been able to support its growing customer base and, at the same time, keep its operating cost low.


Han Feng History

Hang Feng Group was founded by Mr. Ni and his wife in 1997. They came to the United States from Fuzhou, the provincial capital of Fujian, China. Like many Fuzhouese, they started by working in Chinese takeout restaurants. After gaining experience, they established their own takeout restaurants in North Carolina, where there was less competition. From the experience of operating Chinese takeout restaurants , they realized there was a great potential in the business of supplying to takeout restaurants.

Han Feng Inc. began its operations in 1997 in Kernersville, North Carolina in a 3,000 ft2 warehouse. In 2001, Han Feng Group expanded into Florida to further expand its reach to the southeastern United States. In 2003, Han Feng Group purchased a warehouse in Greensboro, North Carolina to support the growing demands of its customers. In June 2005, Han Feng Group moved its sales and customer service operations to China. The operations in China allowed the Group to operate on a 24 hour basis and provide a solid platform for expansion. In late 2005, Han Feng Group procured two more facilities in Atlanta, Georgia and Nashville, Tennessee. The Atlanta location was in full operation by first quarter of 2006. The Nashville, Tennessee distribution center was in business by late 2006. In early 2008, the Lexington, Missouri location started to serve. The most recent expansion is the acquisition of HD Food Service, another wholesaler in Winston Salem, North Carolina. The successful acquisition resulted in additional annual sales.

Why Us

Han Feng Mission

Han Feng Inc. is committed to provide its customers with a wide range of products under the reasonable price. Since it is established, Han Feng Inc. devote itself to seperate from its competitors with its distinctive product portfolio, supplier relationship, locations, and advanced technology.

The wide range of products sets Han Feng Group apart from other mainstream competitors such as Sysco, Inc. and US Food Services, Inc. as many of the items procured by the customers are foreign based and specific to the Chinese restaurant industry. More importantly, the relationship that Han Feng Group has with their suppliers allows them to procure large variety of products in volume at a low cost. This relationship with their suppliers also provides them with the advantage of importing specialized items that would otherwise not be procured domestically.

Han Feng Group’s locations provide them with an advantage over other competitors, as there are few to none alike within their region. With over ten warehouses and over hundreds trucks daily on the road to service its customers, most of the service routes are within 200 miles of each of its distribution centers.

Han Feng Group invests heavily in technology to streamline their business. The utilization of private networks has linked the Greensboro headquarters with other distribution centers as well as its customer service center in China. This communication system allows Han Feng Group to communicate seamlessly both internally and externally with its customers.


Han Feng Careers

As one of the fastest growing private companies in North America, we offer talented professionals outstanding opportunities for personal and professional development. Our strong focus on growth means your career will be challenging and rewarding. Operating responsiveness is at the heart of our customer service, as it is where the rubber meets the road. At Han Feng Inc., there are hundreds of trucks delivering food and foodservice supplies to customers all across North America!

Han Feng Inc. offers a variety of career choices including: Drivers, Sales Representatives, Accounting, Warehouse Operations. For more information regarding careers at Han Feng Inc., please contact us at (336)268-2080, or send us email at info@hanfenginc.com, or simply submit your resume to be considered for a position at the address:
Han Feng Inc., Attn: Human Resource Manager
6001-A West Market Street, Greensboro, NC 27409

Business Strategy and Development Analyst Wanted

Job Location:6001-A W Market Street, Greensboro, NC 27409
Job Duties:
Design and formulate detailed market entry plans by analyzing product cost and marketing statistics in Asian food market in North America;
Review, manage and develop cost plans for market advertising and products promotion;
Determine advertising packaging, pricing, and cost accounting strategies to gain the long-term market share;
Identify and secure regional markets based on comparative analysis of purchasing power, inflation rate, consumer price index and Asian population size, food and food services trends;
Write reports on the effectiveness of marketing, advertising, and communications programs and strategies to management team.

Hours/Week: 40 Hours per week
Salary: $41,517 per year
Education required: Master in Business Administration
Experience Required: None
Special Requirements: None


Job Location:6001-A W Market Street, Greensboro, NC 27409
Hours/Week: 40 Hours per week
Education required: Master's Degree in Accounting

Send Resume to H.R. at 6001A W. Market St, Greensboro NC 27409